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NWT School Athletic Federation By-Laws
Article I - Name

The name of the society will be, NWT Schools' Athletic Federation, hereinafter referred to as the NWTSAF or Federation.

Article II - Objectives, Mission and Vision Statement

A. Mission Statement
The NWTSAF will be an advocate for involvement in school sport as an integral part of education and will provide opportunities for interschool sport for all students through fair play and equal opportunity.

B. Vision Statement
Healthy living and empowering youth through school sport.

C. Objectives
1. To foster and facilitate activities of the NWTSAF. These will include educational and recreational endeavors that are beneficial to youth and are worthy of active encouragement.
2. To maintain good sportsmanship, integrity and goodwill within and between schools participating in interschool athletics.
3. To plan athletic activities that impede upon school attendance as little as possible.
4. To promote an awareness amongst students that:
a. the primary aim of school is education;
b. athletics provide significant physical, social, cultural and emotional values;
c. the use and abuse of drugs would be detrimental to their well- being.
5. To establish and maintain acceptable standards of:
a. coaching practices;
b. traveling of teams and spectators; c. conduct of teams and spectators.
6. To serve as a liaison for distributing information regarding the benefits of sport, physical activity and competition to non-member schools, government officials and the general public
7. To encourage positive communication and cooperation among schools,
sport governing bodies such as Territorial Sport Organizations and community sport groups
8. To establish a friendly and harmonious relationship among secondary schools of the NWT by sponsoring athletic activities which promote the objectives of secondary education
9. To promote physical, intellectual and social development of students through participation in athletic activities
10. To act as a forum for the exchange of members' views
11. To affiliate with other organizations having similar objectives to those of this Federation
12. To provide administrative services for its members
13. To apply for grants for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objectives of the Federation

Article III - Membership

A. Membership will be open to any school in the NWT. A fee for school membership, set by the Board of Directors of the NWTSAF, will be paid by October 15 of each school year.

B. Members will agree to comply with all by-laws and policies of the NWTSAF. Associate Membership is open to individuals actively involved in promoting and coaching of school athletes. Associate Membership would be open to both individuals and organizations.

C. The Board of Directors of the NWTSAF will establish a fee for Associate Membership. Associate Members will not have at vote at the Annual General Meeting, but will be entitled to receive information and publications of the

D. A 75 percent vote of the Board of Directors can expel a member for any cause, which the Board may deem reasonable.

Article IV - Executive Director

The Board of Directors shall appoint a paid Executive Director. The Directors shall determine the duties of the Executive Director. The Executive Director will be responsible to the Board of Directors.

Article V - Board of Directors

A Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The President will serve a two-year term. Other Board members will serve one-year terms. The Board shall consist of the following members:

A. President-must be a NWT certified teacher.

B. Past President or Member at Large-The Past President shall retain office for a one year term or until the position is taken by his/her successor. If the Past President is unable to serve, a Member at Large shall be elected. The Member at Large shall be a NWT certified teacher.

C. Vice President-must be a NWT certified teacher.
D. Directors-There shall be six Directors, all being certified NWT teachers. Insofar as possible, the Directors should reflect the geographic and gender diversity of the Northwest Territories.

Article VI - Duties of the Board of Directors

A. President:
1. Shall preside at the Board of Directors meetings and the Annual General Meeting when present and able to act.
2. Shall represent the Federation in contacting the Department of Education, the press and the public.
3. Shall be an ex-officio member of each committee authorized by the Association.

B. Past President, Member at Large:
1. Shall be a resource person and shall assist the overall administration of the Federation.
2. The occupant of this office will serve as Chairperson of the Federation's nominating committee.

C. Vice President:
The Vice President shall attend Board and Annual General Meetings and assume the responsibilities of the President when that officer is unable to act or is not present and shall assist with the overall administration of the Federation.

D. Directors:
The Directors shall assist with the overall administration of the Federation and shall be responsible for any duty assigned to them by the Board.

Article VII - Election of a Board of Directors

A. Voting privileges shall consist of one vote for the accredited members of the Federation who attend at the Annual General Meeting.

B. A quorum will consist of the majority of the members of the Federation.

C. Each member is entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

D. The President shall appoint two clerks who shall receive and count the ballots. The President shall announce the result of the election at the Annual General Meeting.

Article VIII - Voting

Voting on matters, other than the election of Directors, may be determined by a mail or email vote.

Article IX -Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet at four times a year. Additional meetings can take place at the discretion of the Board.

Article X - Finance and Management

A. The fiscal year of the Federation shall be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time. Until such a determination is made, the fiscal year shall be April 1 to March 31

B. All monies received by or on behalf of the Federation shall be deposited in the Federation's bank account in trust for the Federation, which shall be with one of the chartered banks of Canada located within the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

C. The Board of Directors shall appoint an auditor to audit the financial statements of the Federation for report to the Members at the next Annual General Meeting.

D. Three Officers of the Federation shall have signing authority for all financial transactions conducted in the name of the Federation. These Officers may include members of the Board and/or the Executive Director. Transactions of the Federation shall require two signatures. All cheques, notes, bills of exchange, contracts and other instruments, drawn on the Federation's account shall be signed by signing authorities as approved by the Board of Directors.

E. All written agreements entered into in the name of the Federation shall be signed by two Officers or other persons authorized to do so by the Board.

F. The NWTSAF may acquire, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of securities, lands, buildings or other property, or any right or interest therein, for such consideration and upon such terms and conditions as the Board may determine.

G. The Board shall ensure that all books and records of the Federation are regularly and properly kept.

Article XI - Meetings

The Board of Directors shall meet at four times a year. Additional meetings can take place at the discretion of the Board.

Article XI -Amendments to By-Laws

A. Amendments to these By-Laws may be made by a 75% majority of the Board in attendance at a duly constituted Annual General Meeting.

B. Notice of motion to amend the By-Laws must be received by the Board of Directors at least 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Director must advise the delegates to the Annual General Meeting, of any proposed amendment, at least three weeks before the meeting.

Article XII - Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of the Federation, any funds or assets remaining after paying all debts shall be distributed to an organization incorporated under the Northwest Territories Societies Act, which has aims and objectives consistent with those of the Federation, as determined by the Board.